For us the 'UN Convention on the Rights of the Child' isn't a bit of paper - it's the compass that guides our work to support the development of an education system in which all children are trusted, supported and given the respect each and every one of them deserves. Every child has the right to speak and be heard, and when they are it transforms not only their lives but the life of their school community and society. That's why we are focusing our resources to provide the research, training and information needed to reach out with the campaign for democratic education - because the education children receive affects everybody's lives.


Our Projects

The Trust is involved in a number of projects that explore or promote the idea of children and young people as decision-makers in education. Here is what we are currently up to.

Questions for Change

Questions for Change banner

Questions for Change is our flagship analytic tool for improving collaboration and attainment in your school Read more >

Travel Bursaries

Ticket Office

The Trust provides bursaries for teachers, students and others who want to go to events, schools or meetings related to democratic education.

Student Voice

Student Voice logo

The Trust supports Student Voice – an organisation run by students for students to represent what students think about education.

Democratic Journeys

democratic journeys

A free 3 day workshop program bringing democracy into your school.

UK Democratic Education Directory