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Learning by doing, interactive discursive activities and peer trainers are at the core of all Phoenix training.

The Phoenix Education Trust has worked with students, in partnership with ESSA/Student Voice to develop training packages to help students gain skills in order to have more of a say when it comes to their education.

The Trust has also developed training to work with teachers, governors and school communities to support the development of their democratic processes and student voice work.

Training is available as standard packages and can also be tailored to have a specific focus depending on what the school is looking to achieve.



Activity packs accompany many of the Trusts' training and come free when you buy the training and can also be sold separately. Special discounts are offered to schools which are members of Student Voice.

You can find out more about some of the training we offer here, if you want to find out more please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



This training lasts one full school day and includes a free activity pack - activity packs can be purchased as a stand-alone item for £35.

Please contact us in order to arrange a pricing plan. Costs generally cover a full day for two facilitators delivering training to 30 students.  Discounts are available depending on the number of students and number of training sessions purchased - please contact us to discuss this in further detail.

It is also possible to tailor a training day to meet your schools needs, just get in touch. 

StudentVoice schools may be eligible for a discount on the training - to find out more about StudentVoice, please click here


Programmes for Schools

Student Voice: Setting up a successful Student Council

This programme is designed for schools who are interested in setting up or re-launching a student voice group within their school.

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Student Voice: The next level

This programme has been developed to support schools who have effective student voice systems in place but are looking to widen the participation of the student body who belong to it.

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Student Leaders: Training for success

This is a programme designed to support the effective use of student leaders/prefects within a school. The training is designed to equip these students with the skills to become highly effective leaders supporting the needs of the school, supporting the schools priorities and being confident in their ability to do the role.

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Hidden Leaders: A workshop designed to uncover the hidden qualities of female students

The 'Hidden Leaders Project' is aimed at developing the communication skills and confidence of female students aged 11-19 years of age.

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Democratic Journeys: 1 Year collaborative school improvement programme

This programme enables your school to become one of the pioneering flagship schools of collaborative practice who will have a national presence and innovate the education sector.

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Future Leaders: Equipping young people with 'skills for the future' - Training trainers

This workshop is designed specifically to target students who may be at risk of not entering further education, employment or training. The programme works to build self-esteem and develop the soft skills often needed in the wider world.

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Campaign for Change

Group of Students

Campaign for Change aims to empower students by giving them the skills they need to campaign for changes they want to see - whether this is in their school or in a wider arena.

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Asking the Right Questions

Group of students

The Asking the Right Questions training programme is an ideal package for students who are seeking to gain the skills and confidence they need to ask questions in an appropriate and carefully considered way.

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Re-Engage (Confidence and Communication)

Group of students

Re-Engage is ideal to help those who are disengaged in the school community to gain confidence and better communicate with teachers and others.

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Real Talk

Lots of post-its

For young people with behavioural or special educational needs to help them gain the skills and confidence they need to take part in student voice activities.

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The Peer Mentoring Project

Two students reading

This is a full training package which encompasses the confidence and communication, campaigning and peer training workshops.

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Programmes to support a democratic approach to school stakeholders/staff/governors

Democracy for parents - Engaging our Parents & Carers

This programme investigates what the school currently does, how engaged their parents and carers are, the demographics that influence engagement and what type of involvement the school wants from parents & carers.

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Democracy for behaviour management: Target group: SLT/Pastoral

This 2 hour programme aims to work with pastoral teams to re-visit the approaches to behaviour management of students within their cohort. The aim of the programme is to look at how democratic values can be used to support a calm, restorative and positive approach to improving behaviour.

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CPD for Governing bodies - The use of student voice in driving school improvement

This 2 hour programme is designed to work with governing bodies and train them on the power of participation and engagement in their school. It is to begin to get them thinking about where they see the governing body in having a role within student voice. Programmes facilitate the strategic direction they will take in moving democratic practice forward.

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Democracy in your school

Group of Students

For teachers, governors and other members of the school community to reflect on and develop their work.

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