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About Us

Founded at the House of Lords in 2000, The Phoenix Education Trust possesses over 20 years worth of experience as a leading voice promoting democratic (and increasingly sociocratic) education and the Trust provides programme, training, intervention, advice, and research on the matter.


We work with both mainstream schools and progressive innovators outside of the traditional education system to challenge and expand norms of what school and education can and should be. 

At our core, we firmly believe in the inherent potential of every young person to influence and shape the future. We advocate for an educational approach that is tailored to the unique needs of each individual, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary skills to thrive beyond their academic journey.

Our commitment to expanding the capabilities of the UK's education ecosystem stems from our sincere belief in the value of nurturing each young person's talents and capabilities. By providing education that is relevant and adaptive, we work with our partners to empower students to confidently navigate the complexities of the world beyond the classroom.

We recognise that the journey to success looks different for every individual, and our approach reflects this understanding. Through a blend of empathy, innovation, and dedication, we work with partners to create learning environments that foster growth, resilience, and a genuine sense of fulfilment for all young people.


The Phoenix Education Trust is a pioneering organisation providing creative and practical support that enhances student participation and engagement whilst removing common barriers to learning for all young people.


Our Vision

A world in which individuals embrace their true self, foster meaningful connection, and build new ways of coexisting.

Our Values

Justice, Autonomy, Authenticity, Love, Community.

Our Mission

To collaboratively work alongside young people, educators, and parents to positively transform experiences of education.


Our Aims

  1. Understanding the diversity and intersectionality of injustices, discrimination, and oppression experienced by young people.

  2. Amplifying young people's voices, facilitating young people to take ownership of their education and become actively engaged citizens.

  3. Challenging and expanding the norms and expectations of what school and education can and should be.

  4. Supporting collaborative, rights-respecting systems, practises, and structures in schools and innovative settings, in addition to in our own work as an organisation.


Our steadfast commitment to amplifying student voice and embedding collaborative, democratic, human-centred, and rights-respecting systems, practises, and structures in schools and progressive settings is being revitalised along sociocratic lines as we bring our mission firmly into the context of responding to the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.



The Phoenix Education Trust emerged from discussions concerning how the gulf between pioneering Democratic Schools such as Dartington Hall, Park School, and Sands School and mainstream schools in the State sector was unjust.


Young people and adults affiliated with these schools, and proponents of implementing positive educational infrastructures conducive to educating young people democratically and as equals, sought to bridge this gap and so The Phoenix Education Trust was formally incorporated on 23rd October 2000.


Among our Founding Members include Lord Michael Young, the Gribble, and Astor families.



24 years later, The Phoenix Education Trust has helped to establish national and international spin-offs, networks, and membership organisations including Freedom to Learn, StudentVoice, and the European Democratic Education Community (EUDEC).


We have a strong track record having facilitated student-led campaigns with over 16,000 students in secondary schools across the United Kingdom. We have provided training programmes to more than 400 students and reached over 4,000 young people through student-led campaigns and consultations.


We won the AGCAS award for Employer Engagement, which was a fantastic achievement for the Trust and the collaborative partnership with Queen Mary University.

In January 2023, the Trust moved our Headquarters to Digbeth in Birmingham's creative quarter as part of our commitment to deconstructing the North-South divide.

Let's Build Something Together

The Phoenix Education Trust, The Warehouse, 54-57 Allison Street, Birmingham, B5 5TH.


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