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Changemakers Lab

The Changemakers Lab works with student activists aged 14-18 from different backgrounds across the United Kingdom to research, understand, and articulate meaningful campaigns for change in the education system, enhancing their activism through solidarity.

We have powered inspirational platforms through the Lab.


Young people have the right to have a say in matters which affect them. We believe that means being able to shape the education system which young people spend so much time in. We each have our own unique lived experiences in schools, whether we live with a disability, are refugees, have special needs, are economically disadvantaged, or queer. This Lab appreciates this diversity and amplifies student voice to influence the mainstream.


The most successful people don’t look back to see who’s watching. Look for opportunities to lift others up along the way.

You can join The Changemakers Lab as an individual by contacting Siana Bangura.

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