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Changemakers Lab

The Changemakers Lab works with student activists aged 12-18 from different backgrounds across the United Kingdom to research, understand, and articulate meaningful campaigns for change in the education system, enhancing their activism through solidarity.

The Lab is powered through in-person events, workshops, gatherings, but also digitally UK-wide and we have powered inspirational platforms and sustainably successful campaigns which have gone on to incorporate as independent organisations attaining their own direct funding.


Young people have the right to have a say in matters which affect them. We believe that means being able to shape the education system which young people spend so much time in. We each have our own unique lived experiences in schools, whether we live with a disability, are refugees, have special needs, are economically disadvantaged, or queer.


The Changemakers Lab remains at the cutting edge primarily as we sincerely appreciate the diversity of our young people and we seek to amplify student voice to directly influence the mainstream.


The Changemakers Lab implements a multifaceted approach incorporating many strands such as:

  • The Changemakers Lab Fellowship programme

  • CML Collective Alumni Network

  • Workshop programmes

  • Train-the-trainer workshops for SLT and educators

  • Partnering with like-minded organisations

Campaign streams are often cross-cutting but our data shows young people are keenly focused on the following issues:

  • Anti-racism and racial justice

  • Refugee rights

  • LGBTQIA+ rights

  • Climate justice

  • Socio-economic justice and class issues

  • Gender equality

  • Mental wellbeing

  • Tech justice and the evolution of AI

If you are a school or young person seeking to join The Changemakers Lab for more information please contact Siana Bangura.

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