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How you can help

At a time of extensive social divisions, embedding democratic principles in our schools is a moral imperative in addition to common sense.

The Trust champions principles of democracy, agency, and collaboration and £10 a month can help us to be responsive to the needs of the young people we serve and support.

We appreciate the generosity and support of those who share our passion for innovation in education.

Every gift is important so thank you for your support.

Your gift helps schools around the country genuinely and impactfully activate student voice.

With your support young people can spend more of that time

  • Reflecting on and recreating their educational experience, their school structures, and having a more engaging learning experience

  • Genuinely using their voice to create change in their school and wider community

  • Working with senior staff, teachers, and peers in an equitable and mutually respectful way

Research shows that effective student voice structures help students to feel a greater sense of belonging, agency, and competency.


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