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Student Voice

We create networks for pioneers to meet and share ideas, access opportunities, and work together to bring about changes in education. We host programmes and workshops, enabling people to put our values into practice within education settings. We gather and share quality research and case studies to spread ideas and contribute innovative perspectives within education debates.


By focusing on relationships of trust, we support members of learning environments to see themselves as part of a network, each having unique and important roles, skills, and interests. We cultivate cultures of shared understanding and caring. By appreciating diversity, we celebrate difference, neurodiversity, and experimentation, and treat learning as a process that must be open to all.


By sharing responsibility, we encourage and support individual teachers to make the change they want to see. Our experiences shows that senior leadership in schools can only feel free to innovate when they are allowed to experiment without pressure from Ofsted. 


We recently partnered with our friends at Edge Foundation to create a ready-to-go and easily accessible workbook for teachers in mainstream schools across the United Kingdom. The workbook focuses on simple strategies to implement the principle, practice, and culture of agency in the classroom.

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